Faith and Mission Statements

Statement of Faith

The Oaks Counselling Service affirms the central truths of the Christian faith as expressed in the Bible that:

  • The Bible is the authority in all areas of belief and practice, fully trustworthy for faith and conduct
  • There is one true God who lives eternally in three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • People are created in the image of God but, because they are sinful and fallen, they live in a world where suffering, pain, guilt, fear, broken relationships and fragmented communities occur and are in need of God’s redeeming grace
  • God is both the creator and judge of human beings and their Redeemer in Christ
  • Christ is the one true Saviour and Lord. Through His life, death, resurrection and the work of His Holy Spirit, God rescues people, even though they do not deserve it, and brings them to faith in Christ, resulting in healing, wholeness and maturity
  • God’s desire for His people is for them to work to bring healing and wholeness of spirit, mind and body

Christian Counselling

In the light of the above, Christian counselling may be defined as ‘that activity which seeks to help people towards constructive change and growth in any or every aspect of their lives through a caring relationship and within agreed relational boundaries, carried out by counsellors who have a Christian worldview, values and beliefs’.

Mission Statement

The Oaks aims to honour God in seeking to provide professional, supervised counselling to people who are passing through difficult stages in their lives, or have difficult life issues, and feel they need help to work through these stages and issues. People of any age, race or gender, whether of Christian faith or of no faith, are welcomed.